Startups i like

I follow TechCrunch - a tech blog that focuses on the startups of the tech industry. They cover a lot of startups some of which appeal to me either because they are unique, or because they are a service that help people do, what they do, better. I intend to list down the startups that i like as and when they learn about them. Here goes the first one.

Airbnb is a service that offers people to rent their spaces (it could be a room, a hall, tree house, a boat, anything) to people who are looking for one, on a per-night, per-week, per-month basis. This is such a cool idea to make money out of nothing! All you need, is to be hospitable.

I think this video will describe it better -

Here is the interview with the co-founder and CEO of Airbnb - Brian Chesky -