This is what i did on my 24th birthday

I woke up this morning on my birthday to the worst news I could hear. Steve Jobs, whom i idolized since past few years now, had passed away. The first thing i did was to reach out to my phone to see what was unfolding on twitter. It was saddening. I started skimming through all the articles/videos people were tweeting in honor of Steve. I spent all day today reading articles over articles about Steve, his life and his impact on other people’s lives.

Here are a few articles that i found were heart touching and inspiring

Walt Mosberg - The Steve Jobs I Knew

Vic Gundotra - Icon Ambulance

Michael Sippey - two minutes with steve

Brian Lam - Steve Jobs Was Always Kind To Me (Or, Regrets of An Asshole)

Frances Haugen  - Steve Job’s goodbye?

Robert Scoble - Dear Tim Cook: I’m sorry

Steve Jobs & Mona Simpson: A Story Too Good Not to Tell

Larry Page -

Louis Gray - Steve Jobs: An Irreplaceable Icon

Sergey Brin -

Steve Jobs The Crazy Ones

MG Siegler -

In a Private Light: Diana Walker’s Photos of Steve Jobs [cached here]

John Gruber - Universe Dented, Grass Underfoot

Neven Mrgan - Steve

the last time I saw Steve Jobs

A conversation with Woz

A Studio Chief Pens Revealing First-Person Steve Jobs Remembrance